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  • I am a Product Manager. I am working on a project GospelFunder, an existing project, which is working on the CHALLENGE of Radical Generosity. We're looking for people to join our team with experience in Design, UI/UX, and Node.js. We also have some ideas for Mobile. So if you know Mobile, chat with me! We have some really cool idea of how to add gameification to our site to get people to learn generosity.

    • writing
    • screenwriting
    • filmmaking
    • photography
    • social-media

    I'm a writer and filmmaker, so I'm working on several ideas for short films. Connect with me if you want to collaborate! We'll need a full cast and crew.

    • xml
    • dita
    • sql
    • content
    • metadata
    • strategy
    • architecture

    My strongest skill set is that of Product Manager / Owner (I tend to prefer the Agile title of Owner). At the recent ACTE meetup we had a great brainstorming session to set an initial vision for creating a platform to connect Truth seekers with trained believers. We need to put together a draft platform architecture, with particular attention to security and anonymity. If you've got some chops in those areas, ping me so we can start drafting the architecture before the hackathon starts!

      • I'm a full-stack web and Windows developer, so I'm most comfortable with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C#, and SQL. Most of my experience is with enterprise applications. I am also developing a social network for writers ( on the side. I'm not planning to pitch my side project at the hackathon; rather, I'm hoping to join a team and help develop someone else's ideas.

        • As a visionary, I'm bringing a big vision with a clearly identified go-to-market business strategy. Unable to see to it that my vision has the greatest impact, I need to find experts in app design/development... My vision to shift our culture (that has shaped over the past 100 years) is ready to take to market and I need a team of experts in app design/development. I hope you have a passion to take on the worlds greatest problem, traffic! Traffic is the daily stress'er that fuels many problems including road-rage (hate within communities), deadly accidents, poor moral as a result of anger (including crime), and then that stress gets delivered into the work place, as well as the home life, both places where it is spread like a disease and continues it's nasty outcomes. The psychology behind the stress of traffic is incredibly detrimental to a community and to our world. So, I need experts who are passionate about changing this. Please inquire with confidence and eagerness if you have the expert design/development skills this project deserves. Our app will address three of the problems here on Create For The Kingdom. In a totally new and indirect way, which is the truest way possible. (Through our applications) we will connect friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and networkers in a way that enables them to share costs associated with their daily commutes and road trips (get to know and love your neighbor). As a result of this connection, we will also be an impacting solution to reducing traffic and emissions for inner-cities all over the world (an environmentally sustainable mission). And further into adaptation over the next few years, as people continue to give and share more and more with their neighbors, we will have shifted a historic culture, as well as have been responsible for improving the quality of lives for billions of people for generations to come (instilling our youths with the desire to be radically generous and conscious of how a "share" community brings happiness to their world and others around them).

          • I'm a designer. I am working on a project called The Jesus App. I'm looking for a developer to work with. I have most of the screens already design along with a marketing site for the app. Any front-end or back-end developers want to connect let me know.

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